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PegasusTSI, Inc. is a global company based in Tampa, Florida

Specialty, Pine Chemicals & Polymers

Cutting-edge solutions at every
state—from concept through operations.

PegasusTSI’s proven track record in delivering grassroots polymer and chemical facilities is exemplary. What elevates us from the competition is our ability to deliver highly complex revamp and debottlenecking projects in an operating plant environment, ahead of schedule and within budget.

With our international project experience, vast process design expertise and project management capabilities, PegasusTSI has completed projects for a wide range of intermediates and end-products.
Our primary focus is to provide engineering, procurement and construction management services for large, mid-size and smaller projects.

Every level of PegasusTSI’s service and products are enhanced through the use of Stage Gate Processes, best practices implementation and the incorporation of safety and environmental compliance systems.

PegasusTSI’s proven project revamp and debottlenecking approach allows us to execute projects on time and on budget.

Our reliable execution is the result of experienced people coupled with time-proven work processes that include:

Case Study

Mainstream Pine Products LLC Tall Oil Acidulation Plant

Project included the design and build of three (3) tall oil soap acidulation plants inside an existing pulp & paper mills that were based on the same technology but included some variance in capacity, utilities and infrastructure requirements. Each plant included both new raw material and product storage tanks, along with reaction, separation systems and load-out facilities.
Specialty Chemicals & Polymers Engineering
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