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Worldwide conceptual engineering services based in Tampa, Florida

Engineered To Inspire

Experienced people. Exceptional outcomes.

We are committed to ensuring your success by delivering services and products that meet or exceed your requirements for quality and value. PegasusTSI works as an extension of your resources, maintaining a true team concept. Our proven expertise, accountability and fierce dedication to personal service have resulted in long-term client relationships across the globe.

Worldwide conceptual engineering services

Company history

Based in Tampa, Florida, our team has a long history of working together, formerly as The Badger Company and subsequently as Raytheon Engineers & Constructors and Mustang Tampa, Inc. Over years of significant and steady growth, we are proud to have built a global reputation successfully serving the needs of the oil refining, petrochemical, fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical, municipal, consumer products and industrial facilities industries. Now, as we look towards the future, we have the team and talent in place to elevate our company even higher.

Our mission

To deliver world-class, comprehensive engineering solutions to our clients, domestically and globally through advanced technologies, accessibility, full transparency and a proven disciplined approach that achieves inspiring results.
Our mission

Our core values

Ever curious to
keep evolving

We have an innate desire to learn, grow and innovate. Our intellectual curiosity sets us apart and drives us with the tenacity to bring forth the best solutions for our clients.

Driven to solve
through disciplined expertise

We possess deep-rooted process engineering knowledge among a wide variety of industries. Our unparalleled systematic approach and true understanding of our clients is our biggest strength. From concept to completion, we keep our eyes on the details for you.

Always committed
to people first

We believe fostering trusted relationships is the key to mutual success, within our team and yours. We ensure you have the right people on the right projects, working toward a common vision with a collaborative spirit.

Acting with integrity
and accountability

From the top down, we've instilled a sense of integrity and pride in our team. We strive to be flawless, but when challenges arise, we take genuine responsibility, reset and always do what's right for our clients.

Delivering outcomes that inspire

Everything we do is with the intention to wow our clients. Whether a basic project or complex challenge, we strive to overdeliver and inspire. We strive to elevate everything we touch and build long term trust along the way.

Safer and Stronger

We have an unrelenting commitment to protect our employees, our clients, our communities and our environment. With a “Zero Incident” culture, we strive to bring the most advanced health and safety best practices into everything we do. When we are safer, we are stronger.

Our vision

To create ideas that enlighten and elevate businesses, communities, and our planet, now and for future generations.

Workplace safety

Workplace safety

We strive to protect the environment as well as the health and safety of employees, contractors and customers at our offices and plant sites. Our goal is to be identified with the best in the industry.

HS&E risk management

Risk management includes identifying risk reduction opportunities, complying with legislation and standards and making line management accountable. PegasusTSI implements its risk management by including HSE competencies and performance in-staff appraisals and rewards; by providing HSE education and by training; measuring, appraising and reporting HSE performance; conducting compliance audits; and requiring contractors and suppliers to comply with our requirements.
HS&E risk management

Leadership team

Karl Ibadulla
President / Manager of HSE & Management Systems

Mr. Ibadulla has the dual responsibility of President of PegasusTSI and Manager of HSE & Management Systems and is responsible for the design and development of systems and processes needed to support project execution.

As President, Mr. Ibadulla is responsible for achieving the strategic and financial goals of PegasusTSI and dedicated to improving project development and execution using best practices and continuous quality improvement. He is focused on the continuous growth of the organization and believes in maintaining a high level of client satisfaction and employee morale.

As Manager of HSE/QAQC and Management Systems, Mr. Ibadulla is responsible for identifying system and process needs and requirements to serve our desired client base and meet our internal business requirements; lead the design and development of the systems and processes needed to support project execution; and train the organization in project execution processes.

Additionally, he is responsible for monitoring and ensuring compliance to all project execution systems; providing knowledge transfer for quality systems across all functions and all offices; developing and maintaining the company-wide quality system; developing and maintaining the company-wide HSE system; leading the functional project support organizations; ensuring sustainability and scalability of project execution company management systems; and creating and managing the company performance measurement systems.

Mr. Ibadulla holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering from Leeds University, United Kingdom. In addition, Mr. Ibadulla is a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (UK).


Stuart Singleton

Stuart Singleton
Commercial Director

Mr. Singleton is the Commercial Director and Managing Partner of PegasusTSI. He has over 40 years design and project management experience in the chemicals, fertilizer, polymers, petrochemicals, and gas processing industries. His primary responsibilities as Commercial Director are to direct, promote and coordinate all financial aspects of the corporation in a manner that will improve the organization’s performance and earnings, improve its efficiency, help achieve its mission and goals and to deliver outstanding customer service.

Mr. Singleton is also responsible for public relations, marketing, profitability and international sales, capital requirements and other duties as required by the Board of Directors. In addition, Mr. Singleton is involved in developing and communicating corporate goals and results to personnel; supporting the employee team; upholding corporate policies; developing and reviewing the company’s budget and goals; and reviewing progress against approved budget.

As Executive Sponsor on selected projects, Mr. Singleton provides strategic guidance for new business ventures and maintains Executive Client engagement throughout the life of the project. Areas in which client consultancy services have been provided include grass roots and brown field fertilizer and mineral processing facilities, petrochemical complexes, oil refinery upgrades and expansions, as well as specialty product markets using differentiated technologies.

Mr. Singleton holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bradford, United Kingdom. In addition, Mr. Singleton is a member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers (UK).


Ronald Sepulveda

Ronald Sepulveda
General Manager

Mr. Sepulveda currently serves as the General Manager. Mr. Sepulveda is a Chemical Engineer with over 30 years of experience focusing in the areas of Engineering and Project Management for a diverse range of industries, like specialty chemicals, fertilizers, minerals, consumer product, chemicals, and petrochemicals.

Mr. Sepulveda’s primary responsibility is to steer PegasusTSI organization in establishing its business vision and strategic plan, achieving both short-term business results and long-term prosperity.

Prior to his current role, Mr. Sepulveda held the position of Manager of Projects and Senior Project Manager, responsible for providing project oversight and support; developing and providing project management tools, directing multidisciplinary teams in the successful execution of e project tasks in an orderly, economical manner, and meeting established project objectives relating to time, cost and technical results.

Mr. Sepulveda has project management experience in all engineering phases, including feasibility studies, FEED, detailed engineering, construction, commissioning, and start-ups, performed for domestic and international clients. Mr. Sepulveda has experience in projects developed in the United States, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Chile, Brazil, Finland, and several other countries.

Mr. Sepulveda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Concepcion, Chile.


Lucien Richard

Lucien Richard
Manager of Operations

Mr. Richard is currently serving as the Manager of Operations. His responsibilities include the overall performance and interdepartmental effectiveness of the Project Management, Project Controls, Engineering and Design Departments, which entails project oversight and support, and the development of and conformance to project execution tools and work processes. Specific responsibilities consist of assignment of project managers to projects; review and approval of project execution plans; development/implementation of project management tools, procedures, and work processes, etc.; and participation in project reviews. This position is a key interface point between project managers and the technical team to ensure our effective execution of projects.

Mr. Richard has over 24 years of experience focusing in the areas of piping engineering and project management for the power generation, chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers and refining industries. He has been involved in all phases of both new and retrofit multidiscipline projects, from initial design concepts through construction and operation.

Mr. Richard holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from McNeese State University, Lake Charles, Louisiana, and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and West Virginia.


Ricardo Sepulveda
Sr. Business Development Manager

Mr. Sepulveda has 27 years of experience in Process Design, Product Development and Management. Industry experience includes refining, petrochemical, particle board manufacturing, waste treatment, energy, and natural gas industries. His primary responsibilities as Senior Business Development Manager provide Business Development Leadership and direction for the Chemical, Renewable Fuels, Fertilizer, Petrochemical and Refinery market sectors and other opportunities on an agreed tactical basis.

As Manager of Process Engineering at PegasusTSI, Mr. Sepulveda had responsibilities that included direction and overall supervision on all projects. He was responsible for approving man-hour estimates, and budgets, managing design staffing requirements, conducting reviews of process engineering staff, preparing salary plans, developing estimates and budgets for training and development programs, development of department and company standards and procedures, preparing proposal estimates and reporting staff and projects statuses to the Manager of Engineering.

As General Manager, Mr. Sepulveda was responsible for the startup of a company for executing EPC projects; responsibilities included business development, consortium agreement with technological partners, contract negotiations for EPC contracts and financial results of the company. The company increased sales from 7 MMUS to 70 MMUSD in 3 years.

Mr. Sepulveda holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Concepcion, Chile and MBA from University of Chile. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the state of Florida, Georgia, Kentucky and Alabama.


Elevating our communities

Whether helping to feed the homeless, organizing toy drives for children in need, or funding research to find a cure for blood cancer, our employees bring a generosity of spirit to everything they do. Below are just a few of the many ways we give back to our community.

Ronald McDonald House (Q2 2023)

We had a blast volunteering at Tampa Ronald McDonald House to prepare a meal program. Our team cooked up a delicious chicken pasta, tossed salad, fruit salad, cookies, and garlic bread and also donated perishables for the house.

If you want to be part of our amazing team, work a hybrid schedule and have fun, with us we are hiring! We have some excellent opportunities in engineering, design and support roles.


Feeding Tampa Bay (Q2 2022)

Feeding Tampa Bay (Q2 2022)

A new charity activity took place this spring that included collecting cereal for Feeding Tampa Bay for their “Cereal for Summer” food drive. Elisa Powell organized the drive by encouraging the team to bring in cereal which in return could be used to “purchase” PegasusTSI logo items. We were able to collect over 150 boxes of cereal! Thanks to everyone that participated!


Hillsborough Education Foundation (Q3 2022)

Hillsborough Education Foundation (Q3 2022)

Every year Hillsborough Education Foundation partners with the community to collect school supplies for students and this year PegasusTSI participated. Our employees brought in much needed school supplies with our Leadership Team providing a 100% donation match!


Metropolitan Ministries (Q4 2022)

Metropolitan Ministries (Q4 2022)

Metropolitan Ministries has served poor and homeless men, women, and children in the Tampa Bay region for over 35 years. Serving approximately 100-150 families daily through Outreach and Prevention Services, the Ministries remains committed to breaking the cycle of poverty. PegasusTSI employees proudly support Metropolitan Ministries each year by filling “Boxes of Hope” to provide a complete holiday meal for families through the Thanksgiving Food Drive.


Salvation Army Angel Tree

Salvation Army Angel Tree

PegasusTSI supports Tampa’s Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Drive each year in order to provide a brighter Christmas for families in need and smiles to little ones’ faces. The PegasusTSI Christmas Tree is lit and transformed into an Angel Tree decorated with Paper Angels containing children’s Christmas wishes. These Angels are picked up by employees and returned later accompanied by lots of toys, bicycles, electronics and clothes for Santa to deliver to children across the Bay Area.


ending hunger

Feeding Tampa Bay (Q1 2021)

Our team had a great time volunteering at Feeding Tampa Bay! It was such a pleasure to work alongside other companies to help this amazing organization!


Celebrating diversity

PegasusTSI and its predecessor companies have evolved and prospered historically from a very diverse and ever-globalizing marketplace. We are proud to celebrate inclusive diversity as a large part of who we are and who we intend to be moving forward.

Our journey towards more inclusive, multicultural diversity also embraces gender, religion and age as part of our philosophy. We enjoy inclusive leadership participation at all levels of our organization where all voices are heard and respected.

Assimilating diverse ideas, points of view and beliefs is challenging, especially when the new path forward differs from that of the past. As we remain open-minded about our constantly changing business world and client community, we will always engage, listen and seek counsel from those with differing viewpoints from our own, guided by sound business decision thinking and ethical practice.

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