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Arboris - Sterols Plant Project. • The food grade sterol manufacturing facility operations include Solvent Dissolution, Crystallization, Filtration, Solvent Drying, Thin Film Evaporation, Distillation, warehousing, product loading and fire protection. This project was a first of the kind design using new technology and was scaled up from pilot testing to full scale production by PegasusTSI. Completed on Schedule and Budget in 24 months from pilot to commercial operation to meet market demands. The plant was subsequently expanded in record time to meet further market growth.

Ibn Hayyan (SABIC) - PVC Plant Debottlenecking Project • PVC facility expansion resulted in a 40% production increase. Front End Engineering Design provided evaluation, design and implementation of Licensor technologies, Procurement and Expediting services, and process modification design of existing facilities. The project was completed 3 months ahead of schedule and under budget.

ICI Americas - KLEA®134a Plant • In June 1990, ICI began the engineering, procurement and construction management of a grassroots facility for the production of an environmentally friendly CFC refrigerant. The project was completed in two years, four months ahead of schedule and under budget using only laboratory and pilot plant data.

Shell Chemical - Waterborne Resins Project • The debottlenecking implemented provided a 70 percent increase in plant capacity. Modifications included demolition, relocation and the addition of 15 major pieces of equipment in an operating facility. The improvements included better handling of products, reduced product degradation prior to drumming or bulk shipping and new dispersion resin products from the modifications to an existing reactor.

Qatar Additive Fuel Co - Ammonia/Methanol Complex • FEED Package, Definitive Capital Cost Control Estimate and Invitation to Bid (ITB) Package for EPC LSTK bidding for an integrated ISBL/OSBL Methanol / Ammonia complex whereby all opportunities for synergy and energy integration are fully capitalized upon. PegasusTSI was responsible for the complete design of the Utilities, Offsites, Tankage, Infrastructure, Power Systems, Air Separation Unit, Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) Unit, Methanol & Ammonia Loading Systems, Jetty Extension and Seawater Intake & Outfall designs (including thermal and barometric modeling of the impact of the new cooling systems on the existing ecostructure in the Arabian Gulf.

Haldor Topsoe - Ammonia Plant OSBL • FEED Package for the OSBL portion of Sipchem’s new ammonia complex utilizing Haldor Topsoe’s ammonia synthesis technology. The 1800 MTPD ammonia facility is part of Sipchem’s Phase 3 expansion at its Jubail petrochemicals complex. With an estimated TIC of US$271,000,000, the OSBL portion of the ammonia facility included all infrastructures such as roads, sewer, and buildings, and required over 90 major pieces of process equipment. PegasusTSI was also responsible for preparing the Permit Application package for the facility and performing a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) for the OSBL operations including the handling, storage and transfer of ammonia.

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