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Syntroleum for Marathon Oil - GTL Fuels and Catalyst Regeneration Plant • A Gas-to-Liquids (ultra-clean), synthetic fuels demonstration plant producing 70 barrels/day using Syntroleum GTL technology was installed on a grass roots site. The EPC project utilized modularized process units comprised of 151 new and 37 relocated pieces of equipment.

Petronas Penapsian - Refinery Expansion Feasibility • The 200,000 BPD expansion feasibility study included Licensor Technology determination and evaluation, process design and integration, and ±30% TIC estimate for over 450 major pieces of equipment. Complete process designs and yields were provided for Hydrotreater, Delayed Coker, Reformer, Reformate Splitter, Benzene Extraction, Hydrogenation, Isomerization, Alkylation and Extractive Merox Units.

Takreer - Green Diesel Project • A refinery upgrade to produce Low Sulfur “Green” Diesel in the UAE. Multiple licensors were used to implement unit modifications included the hydrocracker, hydrotreater, vacuum, sour water, amine and off-site/utility units. The final FEED package included a ±15% estimate, overall EPC schedule and Licensor Technology. The package was used to solicit LSTK bids for a project with a investment cost in excess of $1 Billion.

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