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Valero Energy - Sulfur Removal Plant Upgrade • A new SO2 Scrubber was installed to remove acid gases from an existing Sulfuric Acid Plant Tail Gas unit at the McKee Refinery near Sunray, TX. Engineering services included detailed engineering and all equipment necessary to meet the performance specification, providing 99% removal of acidic sulfur species from the target gas stream. Project components included a caustic day tank, FRP process vessels, a scrubber blower and 100’ discharge gas stack.

National Starch and Chemicals - Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade • The upgrade of the existing WWTP met new effluent requirements and provided OSHA 1910 compliant operating manuals, operator training and start-up. The design required the installation of 55 additional pieces of equipment, including a new Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system to treat an organic and polymeric waste stream from a multi-product chemical/consumer product facility.

BP Oil Company - Benzene NESHAP’s Project • New Benzene emission regulations required sewer enclosure, design of a new wastewater treatment facility and closure of existing basins. The new facility included a benzene stripper, vent incinerator, oil/water separator, equalization tanks and a dissolved gas flotation system using nitrogen. Engineering scope included full EPCm services, permitting support, closure plans and OSHA 1910 compliant operating manuals and training.

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