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The Piping Engineering Department is experienced in developing piping material specifications, piping specialty item specifications, and pipe support specifications for a wide variety of industries. PegasusTSI uses computer programs, such as CAESAR II, for pipe stress analysis and relief system piping design and analysis. PegasusTSI can design and analyze the complete range of industrial piping systems from cryogenic process piping to high temperature and pressure power piping.

PegasusTSI can fully execute projects with both shop and field fabricated piping and pipe supports to uphold various construction schedules.


PegasusTSI’s piping design group has extensive experience in 2D and 3D design work for plant retrofits and grass roots facilities. Piping design experience spans the technology spectrum, from petrochemicals, specialty chemicals, fertilizers, and pharmaceuticals to the power industry. Designs include piping for hazardous chemicals, viscous materials, slurries and corrosive streams. PegasusTSI piping designers also have extensive field experience, including locating tie-in points and investigating existing facilities to ensure safe design of new systems.

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