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Metropolitan Ministries "Boxes of Hope"

Metropolitan Ministries gave thanks to the community for helping make a difference this Holiday Season. Metropolitan Ministries has served poor and homeless men, women, and children in the Tampa Bay region for over 35 years. The Ministries has gone from a single room food pantry, to one of America's most effective and innovative caregivers. Serving approximately 100-150 families daily through Outreach and Prevention Services, the Ministries remains committed to breaking the cycle of poverty...today, tomorrow and always. PegasusTSI employees proudly support Metropolitan Ministries each year by filling “Boxes of Hope” to provide a complete holiday meal for families through the Thanksgiving Food Drive.

Salvation Army's Angel Tree

PegasusTSI supports Tampa's Salvation Army's Angel Tree Drive each year in order to provide a brighter Christmas for families in need and smiles to little ones faces. The PegasusTSI Christmas Tree is lit and transformed into an Angel Tree decorated with Paper Angels containing children’s Christmas wishes. These Angels are picked up by employees and returned later accompanied by lots of toys, bicycles, electronics and clothes for Santa to deliver to children across the Bay Area.

Toys For Tots

Every year at this time, the US Marines Corps from Cherry Point have organized the Toys for Tots drive, in which the employees of PCS Phosphate - Aurora have participated. This year, in conjunction with PCS Phosphate, PegasusTSI and its subcontractors participated in the drive. During one of our All-Hands Safety meetings, we passed a bucket around asking for donations from all the crews. Almost $1000.00 in donations was received, which the PegasusTSI Corporate office graciously matched, giving us almost $2000.00 in donations. The Sulfuric #7 project jobsite did the same thing and between the two construction projects, almost $4000.00 was raised in donations. Joel Rivers, PCS Overall Project Manager, Helen Tyndall, Amy Upton and Sheldon Bolstad went shopping and were able to buy 16 bicycles – thanks to the PegasusTSI staff for assembling them - and lots of toys. Thanks to the generosity of everyone involved, there will be a lot of happy children this year that otherwise may not have had a Merry Christmas.

Ronald McDonald House

It is always a pleasure serving guests, approximately 50, at the Ronald McDonald House. Every year a group of PegasusTSI employees will coordinate the preparations for the most eventful night of dinner. Employees plan this night by shopping for drinks, cooking supplies, and meal ingredients to cook at the House. Cooking, serving, cleaning and even some eating are part of the plan for the evening. Many other employees’ who are unable to attend the night, were able to donate every day supplies for the House, such as, soaps, cleaners, detergents, etc. Serving the Ronald McDonald House is heart filled with memories and unforgettable moments.

Light the Night Walk

The lanterns at The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Tampa are a sign of our commitment to creating a world without blood cancer. PegasusTSI and many other participants were able to raise more than $60 million throughout the U.S. and Canada in 2014. PegasusTSI, as a group, will walk the night with family, friends, and co-workers holding up a lantern that lights up the sky in the dark night supporting the research to find cures for blood cancer patients.

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