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PegasusTSI participates in Pine Chemicals Association International Virtual Conference

PegasusTSI participated in the 2020 Pine Chemicals Association (PCA) International Virtual Conference. PegasusTSI is a member of PCA, an international trade association with more than 70 years dedicated exclusively to the global pine chemicals industry. The PCA members are companies where their business are related to manufacturing or marketing chemical products derived from the pulp and forest products industries, including gum rosin, black liquor skimmings, crude tall oil, crude turpentine and fractionated turpentine and tall oil products and their derivatives; as well as engineering services and product providers to this industry group. The PCA speaks on behalf of the industry on a variety of issues, including sustainable forestry; offers information about pine chemicals to the general public, develops industry publications on markets and technology, administers technical information and training, and provides its members exclusive access to the latest industry facts and figures, events, as well as, networking opportunities.

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