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PegasusTSI is proud to share our excitement in the early success of our Wellness Program

PegasusTSI is proud to share our excitement in the early success of our Wellness Program. Following our own business focus in the Engineering business we selected to name our program: With the assistance of a Certified Wellness Program Consultant we started a Wellness Program 2 years ago. Rising medical costs and increasing medical claims plus an awareness of the business and personal need for improved health awareness was the force behind this initiative. We set out to encourage and incentivize our employees to actively participate in health improvement programs. Early education and screening initiatives helped us to raise awareness in the importance of wellness in our lives and the lives of our family. The Principals of PegasusTSI are totally committed to our Wellness Program. They actively participate in the program and have committed employee time and financial resources to ensure that the program is a success and that wellness becomes an integral part of our workplace culture.Apart from improvements in personal wellness, participation in our programs is financially rewarding for employees. We hold quarterly prize drawings and the company funds discounts on medical insurance premiums in return for participation. Participation is easy and by no means obtrusive or exhausting: programs require annual physicals, dental visits, unobtrusive medical testing (e.g. vision checkups, blood pressure), and health education programs. One of the education programs last year targeted the importance of fiber in your diet. This year's education program will focus on the detrimental effect of sugar in the diet. In addition to these programs, we also encourage participation in the on-line 'President's Challenge' physical fitness program. This individually monitored, on-line exercise program, which encourages 90 minutes or more of increased physical activity on at least 3 times per week, has proved to be especially popular. The President's Challenge has generated a high level of fun competition among employees - the weekly 'Challenge' results updates allowed us to share with great anticipation who had accumulated the most exercise time or the most exercise points. Our program offers huge potential benefits to employees which go beyond just financial considerations. One employee credits the wellness program from averting a life threatening event: because participation in the Wellness Program required an annual physical to be undertaken, one of our employees discovered the existence of a previously unrecognized congenital medical condition. This condition would certainly have resulted in major health issues for the employee within months. The condition has since been resolved through major surgery and we are thankful that the employee has now been given a "clean bill of health". Our program started slowly but has continued to evolve and is now embraced by the majority of our employees. This is evident in our levels of participation. During our inaugural year, we had 33% of all eligible employees participating in the program. As of August 2012, we have a participation rate of 76%. We are targeting a fun 90%+ participation level in 2013!We are excited that our Wellness initiative can be shared with other businesses in the Tampa Bay area so that others may be encouraged to embrace Wellness in the workplace. It is a win-win proposition for employers, employees and their entire families and it makes good business sense!

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