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PegasusTSI and its predecessor companies have evolved and prospered historically from a very diverse and ever- globalizing marketplace. The PegasusTSI employee community is evolving to reflect this diversity and hence we celebrate inclusive diversity as a part of who we are and who we intend to be in our global marketplace.

Our journey towards more inclusive, multicultural diversity also embraces gender, religion and age as part of our philosophy. We enjoy inclusive leadership participation at all levels of our organization where all voices are heard and respected. Our Company Leadership Team is selected based on the demographics of our company as well as the insightful guidance that the Team provides to the strategic path forward of our company. This evolutionary process in building the PegasusTSI community is actively promoted whether we are looking to hire an individual in the USA or are seeking a strategic partner in other parts of the world.

Assimilating diverse ideas, points of view and beliefs is challenging, especially when the new path forward differs from that of the past. As we remain open-minded about our constantly changing business world and client community, we shall always engage, listen and seek counsel from those with differing viewpoints from our own, guided by sound business decision thinking and ethical practice.

We are certain that these beliefs and support from our diverse leaders have guided PegasusTSI well in the past; so they shall the future. With an engaged, diverse community we are certain that new challenges will be overcome and we shall continue to prosper in our chosen workplace.

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